Five Important Inclusions in Cat Houses


A cat’s house or cattery is the perfect outdoor shelter for your cat to play in without getting in harm’s way when it meets dogs or people that do not like cats. It provides a playing, resting, and feeding space where your cat can also bask in the sunshine and enjoy the cool outdoor breeze and air. Creating a cattery may not be a technical task, but there are important things you have to consider. The features of a cattery are as essential to the cattery as the cattery itself. This is because they could either harm or guarantee the safety of your cat. For example, small-sized balls can get swallowed and end up choking your lovely pet instead of acting as perfect play things that keep your cat healthy and happy. Here are five important inclusions that you may need to keep in your cat’s house. Learn more about dog houses, go here.

Cat toys

There are many toys that cats can use as play things. These may include bells, plastic rolling balls, card board rolls, catnip filled toys, and ping pong balls. It is good to include these and any other play things such as hoops and stair cases that cats can jump through or climb on. These play things make the cat busy when it needs to play or exercise its muscles a little.

Cat trees

Cat trees are miniature wooden trees made from branches, which the cat climbs on during its play time. Cats love to climb on trees when in outdoor spaces and anything that they can sink their claws into as part of their exercising. These miniature trees can be made from pieces of wood or dried up branches. You could make play on such trees interesting by including hoops and stairs on them.

Cat boxes or bags

Cats like hiding and playing. Jumping out of a box to create a little surprise seems a fun thing for cats. You can create hiding spaces within a cattery by putting in ready-made boxes or paper bags with handles to ensure that cats do not choke in them.

Feeding containers and food

Cats often eat while playing or after playing and resting. Therefore, it is good to include clean feeding containers such as bowls in your cattery. The feeding containers should be clean to prevent food infection, which could be harmful to the cat.

Watering container and water

Cats also need water, and especially after feeding. It is therefore important to include a watering container in the cat house and clean water that can keep the cat refreshed and quenched.


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